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Destination Employment is designed to enable newcomers to Canada to connect with career opportunities in the hotel industry.

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FOR NEWCOMERS TO CANADAA Truly Rewarding Career Awaits

Destination Employment is your chance to get your first Canadian workplace experience. With training and mentorship opportunities available at every step of the way, you can gain relevant skills applicable to the hotel industry and tourism sector as a whole.

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FOR HOTEL EMPLOYERSA New Avenue to Recruit Skilled & Eligible Employees

Destination Employment participants complete industry-specific training and courses, meaning the candidates you interview will have a better understanding of the skills and responsibilities for their new role at your hotel.

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OUR LOCATIONS From Coast To Coast

Our program is currently running in five key regions: Yukon, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

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SUCCESS STORIES Their Journey. Their Story.

Hear about how our program graduates have taken their first steps into a career in the hotel industry.

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Hotel Careers Opportunity for Everyone

The hotel industry is one of the most varied employment sectors in Canada. Hotel jobs offer a suite of rewarding career paths and opportunities.

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