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Destination Employment offers short online courses to help you learn a mix of job-specific and general employment skills that are common in tourism and hospitality workplaces across Canada.

There are different types of courses and many course topics for you to choose from. Each of the courses can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes.

Vocabulary Builder Courses

Vocabulary Builders are short courses that help you learn job-related terms and language for workplace communication. In Vocabulary Builders, you will learn key terms and what they mean. You will also learn how to spell and pronounce these terms.

Work Ideas Courses

Work Ideas are short courses that introduce you to important topics in the Canadian workplace. These topics are often about workplace culture inCanada. Work Ideas include learning activities to help you explore the topics you’re learning about.

Skill Builder Courses

Skill Builders are practice activities that help you develop specific workplace skills. They include one or more activities and a brief review of important information to help you with these activities. Skill Builders are often related to Work Idea topics.

Top Tips

Top Tips are short tutorials that help you improve skills you may already have. They provide tips and suggestions on topics such as communication and working with others.

Exploring Jobs

Exploring Jobs introduces you to different jobs in tourism and hospitality. They answer important questions you might have about a job, such as:

  • What will you do?
  • What do you need to know?
  • Where will you work?
  • What types of tools will you use?
  • Who will you work with?

Exploring Jobs also include activities called Try Its so you can “try” parts of the job.

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