I heard about the Destination Employment Program organized by STEC from the Saskatoon Open Door Society. I attended the orientation program and was thrilled to learn that the opportunity was from Entry to Executive. This meant that I could begin my career as a Housekeeping Room Attendant and work my way to the top of the hotel management. I believed I had the required attitude and mindset to succeed in this career path. The six weeks of training and practicum that followed was a very rich and rewarding experience, and it proved to be a great preparation for my first job. I learned about the roles and responsibilities of a Housekeeping Room Attendant, being professional and safety at the workplace as well as other important aspects of the job. The training was engaging and fun and we were also provided with a lot of resources for reference and information. Overall, I felt confident, prepared and ready for work at the end of the exercise.

The organizers of the program had promised to help facilitate employment and they did exactly that. I was offered Employment at Super 8 hotel here in Saskatoon. I realized that because of my training, it was so easy to fit into my Job. I only received an additional three days of training from my employer and by the fourth day, I was already working on my own. I am privileged to work in a hotel with a fantastic General Manager and wonderful team members. I feel very comfortable at work and am so glad to be part of the team. The management of the hotel makes a great effort to create a conducive and safe environment for its employees and customers. There is a good balance between work and rest. This gives me a lot of motivation to always put in my best effort when carrying out my assigned tasks.

During the training, the emphasis was placed on being professional and having the right attitude at work. I was determined to be a true professional and display the right attitude at all times. I have received compliments for the quality of my work. Currently, I am receiving training for a supervisor position and its still my first month at work. I am truly excited about the future. I would say that with the right attitude and hard work, anyone can begin their career in this profession.

I am grateful for this opportunity and owe a debt of gratitude to the organizers and facilitators of this program. I doubt I would have started a career in the hospitality industry if not for this program.